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are you and nic cage dating



"they are my brethren"
"this is my home, John"
"I’m home"


"they are my brethren"

"this is my home, John"

"I’m home"

apple juice can't suck your dick


apple juice cant suck my dick but it can still make way to my feelings john


am i allowed to call this a coffee shop au

pinkie pie

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY | 10/10 would yiff for pocket change

hey lets play how hot is that character

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY


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this isn’t even your final form 


you’ve heard it here, folks. 

About the earlier question about Feferi using Eridan, I also think the fandom says Feferi is a bitch and she seems so nice?? Do you know why some people would think that? (Btw, thank you all for being so awesome and answering questions! :3)



i think all you really have to do is look at all the homestuck females and then look at all the homestuck males.

all the homestuck females get so much more shit than the males do. feferi is seen as a bitch, or as boring. terezi is seen as a bitch with no complex thoughts or empathic morals. vriska is seen as just a bitch, despite the fact her moral character arc was so much more clearer/explicit than terezi’s. nepeta is seen as a defenseless little girl who only exists to bumlick karkat and try to kill terezi. kanaya is a boring lesbian. aradia? who? 

jane is a bitch. rose is a frigid bitch. jade is a stupid baby who needs protecting by dave. roxy is actually ok because she doesn’t get in the way of my dirk/jake shipping, unlike that bitch jane. 

and then karkat? oh well he used some slurs and treated people like shit at points but he’s a precious baby. eridan kills feferi and aims to be as much as an asshole as possible in destroying anyone coming out of the beta session alive? that bitch feferi made him, my poor precious baby. gamzee is canonically abusing a female with some proof that he is aware of it and not ‘mindlessly’ being controlled? he’s a precious baby. caliborn is a misogynistic piece of shit who verbally abuses jane? he’s a precious baby look at him with daddy gamzee!!! 

females are treated like fucking shit in this fandom. homestuck has a lot of faults but hussie actually writes amazing women—it’s just the fandom who come across and fucking massacre these women who don’t hate each other as much as the fandom want them to. these women CANONICALLY don’t need a single fucking man to defend them, and yet they’re downplayed to that. 

feferi is a fucking badass who wants peace and love but isn’t gonna get stepped on in the process. she chose loyalty to her friends over her own survival, and poured her fucking heart into relationship with sollux. not to mention how well she got on with everyone else.

she made mistakes sure, but so does everyone and she made 200 less mistakes than karkat, gamzee, eridan, caliborn, kankri, kurloz and almost every other male character you can name.

yet who is the one who gets the most shit for it? fucking feferi. 

and, who is the one who is selfless when it comes to her own life and saving all these fucking male characters above? mother fucking feferi peixes.

Feferi is hated for dating Sollux after rejecting Eridan, Sollux isn’t hated for moving on from Aradia. 

Vriska is hated for harming Tavros, not for what she did to Terezi.

Jane is a bitch because she has flaws she lets out on Dirk and Jake, not for telling Roxy she likes her better as an alcoholic.

Damara has a backstory with a lot of heartbreak - she was cheated on by the lover she found in her secret forest community, and then Meenah bullied used that pain to bully her until Damara couldn’t take it anymore, resulting in Meenah’s death. But nah, she’s a nymphomaniac stoner weeaboo! 


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